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Guide to Understanding 1.5 Handicap Betting - Detailed Explanation of 1.5 Handicap Betting

1.5 handicap betting is one of the most popular types of football betting today. With its simple gameplay and high winning odds, this type of bet is always the top choice for many betting enthusiasts. So, what is the 1.5 handicap and how do you interpret this type of handicap bet? Let's follow the leading bookmaker - win betting tips to understand more about this type of handicap bet!

1.5 Handicap Betting

What is the 1.5 Handicap? How to Read the 1.5 Handicap Odds

Understanding the 1.5 Handicap Betting in Football Betting

The 1.5 handicap, also known as the 1.5 or 1 1/2 handicap in Asian handicap terms, usually appears in betting when a strong team meets a weaker team.

Basically, the 1.5 handicap is not too difficult to understand. For this type of handicap bet, the following scenarios may occur:

If the favored team wins by two goals or more (2-0, 3-1, 3-0, etc.), then if you bet on the favored team, you will win the bet, and conversely, if you bet on the underdog team, you will lose the bet.

If the favored team wins by one goal (1-0, 2-1, etc.), the bet on the favored team will be lost, and those who bet on the underdog team will win the entire bet amount.

If the match ends in a draw or the underdog team wins with any score, those who bet on the underdog team will win the full amount, while those who bet on the favored team will lose the entire amount.

With the above sharing, you should now have a better understanding of the 1.5 handicap odds, right? You need to have this basic knowledge to choose the right bet and playing style for high efficiency.

Guide to Viewing 1.5 Handicap Odds on the compare bookmaker odds Table

The 1.5 handicap odds is a quite common type of bet in football betting. Therefore, wintips will guide you on how to read the 1.5 handicap odds through the following example:

1.5 Handicap Betting

Illustration of 1.5 Handicap Odds on the Bookmaker's Odds Table

As illustrated above, we can see that Barcelona is listed as the favored team with a 1.5 handicap against Real Sociedad. The odds for the favored team are 0.99, and the odds for the underdog team are 0.94. Suppose you are placing a bet on this match with $100, the following scenarios may occur:

If Barcelona wins by two goals or more, the bet on Barcelona will win, and you will receive a reward of $199 (0.99×100+100 = $199).

If Barcelona wins by one goal, or the match ends in a draw or a loss, the bet on Real Sociedad will win, and you will receive a reward of $194 (100+100×0.94= $194).

Effective Tips for Analyzing 1.5 Handicap Betting for Beginners

Usually, if the bookmaker sets the handicap odds at 1.5, it means that the favored team is highly rated. However, this team needs to win by at least two goals to win the handicap bet. Here are some effective tips for analyzing bets when playing football betting with a 1.5 handicap:

Players need to use observation and analysis skills to monitor the odds fluctuations before the match officially takes place. If initially, the favored team has a 1.5 handicap, but then the handicap decreases significantly to 1, you may consider placing a bet on the underdog team.

If the underdog team plays at home, their performance is relatively stable, and they haven't suffered too many heavy defeats, you should also consider choosing the underdog team to ensure safety.

In addition to analyzing the 1.5 handicap, you can also bet on the Over (total goals) if both teams have strong attacking lines. At the same time, you should also bet on the favored team if they are playing at home and the underdog team is at the bottom of the league table.

Choosing reputable, quality, and well-known bookmakers in the market for betting analysis and placement is crucial. You can refer to some reputable bookmaker world cup in Vietnam such as FB88, Fun88, 188BET, Dabet, One88, etc.

Learn how to manage your betting capital well, divide your betting capital to play for the long term and maintain stability. Never bet all your money on a single bet, as this will only lead to quick losses.

The above are the things you need to know about the 1.5 handicap odds and some effective tips for analyzing bets. Hopefully, with the shared information, you can make more accurate decisions when participating in betting for this type of bet. Good luck!


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